Crazy pike behaviour - Water Wolf 2.0

Private recording by Phil Blakey


Water Wolf Classics - Freshwater - Savage Gear 4D Pike Hit

Pike eat Pike... Big Pike eat Big Pike... we prove it with the water wolf underwater camera and the Savage Gear 4D Pike lure!


Water Wolf Classics - Freshwater - Trolled Lure Pike Attack

Trolling is a super cool way to put the Water Wolf in action for Big Pike. Watch this Water Wolf Classic for Trolled Lure Pike Attack!


Water Wolf Classics - FRESHWATER - Double Pike attack

Double pike attack, Is the camera scaring off fish? Apparently not! One Pike at the camera and one at the lure... Enjoy this moment recorded with th...


Water Wolf 2.0 with Sean Wit & some Big Pikes

Sean Wit gives us a close look at the new Water Wolf 2.0 underwater camera - shows how it performs and some big Pike are taking it to the real test...


Water Wolf Classics - Freshwater - Pike Compilation

Enjoy this compilation of Pike takes by Phil Blakey - recorded with Water Wolf 1.1 underwater camera


NEW Water wolf 2.0 HD Underwater Camera - the wolf is back!!!

Now, the Water Wolf cameras are better than ever – with a series of improvements that make the Water Wolf camera even more versatile...


Water Wolf Classics - Freshwater - BIG Hit on Pike Lure

Watch this classic underwater movie clip and see the BIG hit on the 37cm long Savage Gear Line Thru Pike! Water Wolf 1.1