Slow Pike Attack?

Don't Pike allways attack with the speed of light?... NOPE - check out this slow pike attack, casually grabbing the Savage Gear lure - Line Thru Roach...


Pike sniffing Lure?

Water Wolf 2.0 underwater footage - What is this Pike doing - is it "sniffing" the Savage Gear Line Thru Roach lure? Check out this crazy private reco...


Deep water trolling...

Underwater recording - footage with the Water Wolf 2.0 HD - Deep water trolling for pelagic pike with Savage Gear Lure 25cm 4D Line Thru Trout


Water Wolf Classics - Freshwater - 40cm LT Trout lure inhaled!

Water Wolf 1.1 Cassic underwater footage of an awesome BIG pike attacking Daniel's 40cm Savage Gear Line Thru Trout...


Water Wolf HD 2.0 Product data

The Water Wolf cameras have sparked a revolution in understanding how fish behave and react to the bait and lures we present them with. Now, the Water...


Pike attacking Line Thru Roach

The new Water Wolf 2.0 HD in action while a Pike attacks the Line Thru Roach - a lure from Savage Gear. This clip is recorded by Roberto Ferrario.


Water Wolf Classics - Freshwater - BIG Carp feeding

Check out this classic recording of some BIG carp feeding in clear water filmed by our team Prologic FRANCE. Water Wolf 1.1


Underwater striks on the Savage Gear Burbot lure

Gone Pike fishing... Watch how the pike hunts and striks using the water wolf 2.0 in this private recording by Sean Wit


Pike feeding on the bottom like a carp

Private recording by Roberto Ferrario


Water Wolf Classics - Freshwater - Best of Predators

Hit on Hit - "Best of Predators" - is a part of the Water Wolf Classics and these recordings will make every angler want to go fishing!